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Clan name: Assist Of Skills

Clan creation date: 100 years ago

Where do you want the tag/role?(Discord or Forums. You can request both): both

How many members are in your clan?: idk ~15

Members you want us to give them the role/tag: @assntitties @RNQ @Maina @YeItsMe @Mahany @ravi26 @HITMAN25 @Forzet @Civan @Twixy @myr +more idk forum names

DC: Mars3o#1690 Forzet#2691 CivanKirmizi#8416 HITMAN#9640 maina#2986 certifiedsoab#8467 RNQv17#9561 Cristiヅ#1716 💥kαмı.c#9815 YeBuddyy#3195 MYR3uK#2365 Raffaell(mute30days)#1448 RaY29rus#1123

What color do you want for your clan role in discord?: #878787

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