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How to join the Mr. Green IRC channels


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Hi everyone,

We're going to use IRC again. You might think why. Mainly because you can communicate with players when they're playing and you're not. Which you can't with the shoutbox. Also, it might be fun if we get more active players on it to hang out and talk about things. Almost the same as the shoutbox, but that kinda sucks for longer talking.

If you know how IRC works you can connect directly



Main channel


If you don't know how IRC works

You can use our web-client.

Another way is to download mIRC (for Windows) and type:

/server irc.gtanet.com

and afterwards type

/j #mrgreen

Hopefully we'll see you there and hang out there. Idling and being active will be awarded with Green-Coins in the near future.

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I found an app for Ipod called Irc Chon,it's an Irc client.

But I have a problem,if someone could help me, when I try to connect to. Mr.green's Irc it fails.Name= #mrgreen, adress: irc.gtanet.com , to there it's alright, but when I try to connect it writes "connecting" and it doesnt connects.

So, can someone helps me?

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