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Mr. Green Gaming

#1 Race Tournament

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Hello and welcome to the first Mr. Green Gaming race tournament. Since we had a lot of mix tournaments already, I decided to make a race one as well.


There will be no registration fee (Hooray, I guess)
Everyone can suggest 1-2 maps (In case 1 isn't there on the event server)
No "Destiny" maps (Feel free to hate me now)
No blocking allowed
No cheating (That's pretty obvious lol)
At least 8 people should join
We will play 10 maps (8 suggested by people + 2 random ones)


We will play it on 29th November 2019 at 20:00 CET (Check your local time)


1st place: 20 000 GC + 14 days of VIP
2nd place: 15 000 GC + 10 days of VIP
3rd place: 10 000 GC + 7 days of VIP
4th place: 5 000 GC + 5 days of VIP

I really shouldn't spend my time at these useless graphics but

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