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When will you ban Hitman?


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When will you ban Hitman? He is from India, so he has extreme lags and im sure he is using some kind of application which shows his ping lower. He has got 2 sec delay from the server and he use his lag for win all the time. He is like a tank at DD, his rockets explode 5 meters away as you see it. NTS is a funny thing too. You drive in front of him and he is behind you, on your screen (because you have normal ping) but on his screen you are behind him and he is in front of you because he is in 2 sec delay.... so you just get extreme "lag-ram" from him.  On other server it called lag abuse which means ban. I know ping limit, but he tricked it. 

Only those players know these things who don't teaming with him. I experience these things every day and i think this is unacceptable and destructive. 
Thank you for your attention.

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