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I have a serious problem.In the last 2 days, when I joined,I received a message that says:"Your packet loss is too high,you will be marked as lagger in x seconds".

But the real problem starts after this.No matter if my usual ping is 60-220,I lag like hell.

The download speed is much slower than before,and when it switches to other map (or the same got revoted),I start lately because the freaking lag (the delay can be from 0,5 seconds to even 15 seconds).But the most annoying thing comes now.When I'm about to racing,it sends back to the previous cp,which accours randomly.And then I will freezed for a few seconds and I got a red text saying:"Network trouble".This previous cp throwback shit really ruins my gameplay,so I quit the game because I cannot play with this phenomenon.

I tried 2 other race servers,and I didn't have this problem.

Is that a way to solve this,or at least prevent this?

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