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  1. 1. The change to let people vote for next map is a good one

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You might have noticed Mr.Green server being different.

Normally the server would run a maprotation, enabling the people in the server to play all the official maps one by one.

But we have no changed that system. Now the people can decide from 5 maps what they think should be the next one. This vote starts a few minutes before the end of the round on the current map.

What is, in your opinion, better? The old or the new style?

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A voting system on the IW server is already in place, and its a good idea, the players get to choose to skip a map that they dont like (e.g. crypt), or choose one they do like (e.g. cs_desperados)


I hate crypt <_<

I think it's bether.

Even I hate crypt, its too large for the amount of players in the server, even when its max, the map is still too big

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i like the basic map rotate since your often playing all the same maps all the time. but most players on the server enjoy the map vote, and making people happy should come first. so its all good ya'll.

but, the amount of time you have to vote is jsut too little.. theres should at leat be some more seconds to decide.

i mean sometime you cant even manage to read em all.

i dont know if it' possible to change. but some more time to voite would be awsome :D

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