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uNixas (Admin Application)


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Gameserver: Mr. Green MTA#1 | Race | LEFT4GREEN.COM

Age: 18

Country of origin: Lithuania


My name is Lukas and i am from Lithuania, in this server i am known as uNix . I am applying for admin in Mr.Green MTA Race server because i want to stop cheaters in this server, don't let people spam and use insulting words in chat. I have experience being admin in few SA-MP servers and i know how to be good admin, because my admin duty's in other servers taught me well. I am mature and always look at facts and people's oppinion. I am active in this server, i spend 2-5 hours a day and i think admin duties will make me spend more. I will be active in forums from now on too. I am friendly so people likes me.

I know that admin duty is big responsibility, but only admin i noticed is Skynet and i think he can't do all the work alone. So hope you will like my application and i will be great addition in the team.

P.S I saw two cheaters today, nokios and KSA999. I was scripting MTA too and i can make few new races maps.

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Well , solution to that is testing me out. You can make me admin for couple of days and look how I'm going..

If you would like me then i can stay, don't like do whatever you want :). I just want to get rid off cheaters.. they spoil everybody's fun with dam cheats ..

P.S I ensure you i am not bad person, i don't use abusing language and i don't get into conflicts .

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You need to be quite active on the forums, well, it's better to be because some people just post their app and just leave it and hope to be admin.

I posted my app on Aug 29th and I haven't got a reply yet but I'm active on the forums.

@Sacri yea loads of people are going for admin on MTA I've seen about 2 in 2 weeks.

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Well what do you expect go true all topics and put posts ? :D

No, that would suck :D

Its just that it's 3 days ago, and that's not very active :P (I personally don't think it has that much to say, as long as people get to know you, being ingame is enough :)

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