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IW Bug

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the Assault Rifle that the Assault Master class uses is bugged, when you shoot it for a couple seconds the sound stops for a while then starts again.

Such a minor bug, (not actually a bug though, just a poorly made weapon :P) :sigh:

Theres other bugs to fix first, that's actually affecting the outcome of the game.

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I don't have enuf music :F

And if I do I won't hear the mic of random people.

You have plenty of options;

  • Choose another class
  • Play music
  • Turn sound ingame to 0
  • Use assult shotty instead of the rifle
  • You can just burs fire with it, and you won't notice it (it's better than spraying anyways)

Just don't make a big deal out of it, it's only a gun sound ^^

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