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After a cheese-induced nightmare a while back I made a map named after the worlds first mental hospital, and here it is:





It features rotating stuff, moving stuff, giant stuff and a slightly confused house.

All it needs now is testing and a bit of optimizing, ergo the _beta after the name.

If you won't put it on the server, at least give me some constructive criticism.

Thanks for your time.

(edit: Forgot to upload the actual map....)


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It's... different.

I just played it, it's kinda freaky, and I don't really know if it fits in the whole Zombie Survival mapcycle.

Anyway, it's not up to me to decide...


I'll just explain why I'm not sure it's a good ZS map:

- It's small

- There are places where humans might camp (e.g: in the "cave")

- There's a lot of movement, islands move, long jumps etc.

Though it's not bad.

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There is some logic to the madness. The cave would be a good place to camp yes,

but because of the spawn being right next to it, it would get a constant stream of

fasties, as well as waves of "ground-locked" zombies from the moving platforms.

Small means constant action, no waiting because the zombies have to run a marathon

to get to the humans. The movement issues, as well as the ever-present danger of

falling down serves as a counter-weight to the camp-spots.

Still have no idea how the actual map plays, it needs playtesting

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I think it looks good and this map isn't very small [look at the map with one building and a zombie spawn 5 meters away from it and people camp in the building]. I shall play test it later on, because I think the map has potential :) . It looks a bit like M.C. Eschers workings ;)

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