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Gameserver: The Gmod servers , More for IW then ZS (because IW is just bad ass funny.gif )

Age: 15

Country of origin: Netherlands

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

1rst, why i app'd

Hi, Hundy here.

After playing alot on both IW and ZS servers I thought: Hey, IW needs admins, and some people told me I should app because they said I would be a good one. (some people even thought I WAS one funny.gif )

so now i'm here applying for admin.

2nd, Why I should be admin

I have seen glitchers , (some) Speedhackers ,ragers and griefers on the servers (Old zs, New zs and IW)

And i know what to do when it happens.

Glitchers/Exploiters : First I would warn someone in a glitch and !bring them to a safe place.

If i see them again i would kick them , 3rd time is a 24 H ban , 4th time a 1 week ban , 5th time is a perma or 1 month ban.

Speedhackers: Permaban , nuff said. first I would check if he isn't just warping because of the lag.

Ragers: I would ask first what is troubling their mind and try to let them calm down. If they keep raging i would tell them a last time to not bother us with his problem , and if he ignores that its a kick.

Griefers : 1rst time they grief, tell them to stop , 2nd they do it,kick , 3rd time a ban of 24 hrs

I would not spam !ravebreak but only if around 85% of the people want one.

When i see someone that is stuck i would !bring them to a safe place, nothing is more frustrating then dieing because you spawned in a dumpster (real story X D)

I also wont abuse the admin powers ( no -clipping around and placing mines in a : ) shape outside the map isnt bad,on the map is bad ), its very disrespectfull to the owners of a server because they trusted you with the powers. If an admin gives himself godmode and a super weapon that kills in 1 hit and proceed to kill alot of enemies just for gc's, that admin should get their admin status removed.

If there is a fight between 2 people I would first ask both players their part of the story and then I will judge.

3rd , a bit about myself

I'm a type of person that never hates new players because new players (while sometimes annoying when they ask something when you are busy with something, like defending against a zombie attack funny.gif) can always become the next "awesome player" on a server.

I never seek conflict with people because it just causes problems and irritations in the future.

When i play a game i often play the "Half-Serious guy" I try to get a good score but love fucking around sometimes (Taunt killing in TF2 , Falcon Punch Mode in ZS (fists only) and Knife battle in games like Bf2 and Bf2142 (unless i knife battle against squirrel-dude and he's winning tongue.gif ) )

The thing that pisses me off sometimes are: People breaking a rule and blaming someone else and getting away with it (so lame ._.) and that split second lag that always causes you to die

That was the app, I'll let the top crew decide and if im declined, i'll respect that.

Thank you for reading.

P.S the moment someone says: Moar info plz, i will hunt you down.

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