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How to keep using Audiosurf Demo.


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Hey, might not be an TUTORIAL otherwise but its usefull if you dont wanna pay 10€ for the full version. Please notice i was bored and didnt have anything to do so i posed this idea here.

Just for people who uses AudioSurf demo or didnt buy the full version, you can only play 4 songs and its done.

I might guess somebody else than me figured this out but still, could be usefull :C.

Step One. Make sure you dont have any more songs to play.

Step Two. Make sure your not IN GAME anymore, bug to me that im still ingame after i exited.

Step Three. Open your My Games.

Step Four. Right click and Delete Local Content of the Demo.

Step Five. Go to the store and download the AudioSurf demo.

Step Six. When its done installing you have 4 more songs to play.

Step Seven. Repeat forever.

Moar INFO: You still only have the demo stuff, but until you can buy the full version this is pretty good.

Atm i came up on 12 songs, havnt used it too much.

You might want to have a good internet connection, one like 100kb/s download would take too long maybe to wait for 4 songs. Mine is on 1MB/s, so should be NP for me.

Anyways thanks for actually READING THIS. If you give a dumb comment like 'ZOMG this is not a tutorial' or 'Downlaod teh crackz at www.whatever.w/e'. Ill do something evil -_-'

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