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Home made koss mic headset


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I dont see the big deal.. Just because is costed over 100 euro doesnt make it sooo much better or make anyone more cool..

I bought my headset for 40€ and it's great.

true tongue.gif but the sound is amasing! And its a litte fun to brake the warenty to a 100€ head set XD

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100€=cheap? oO I have a headset (microsoft life chat something,forgot the name ^^" ) I bought way cheaper and the sound is really good, when I play some ZS the gun shots are realistic :V

I never said it was a cheap headset:P cheap mic glued on a boss hedset:P

And i know i cheaper to bye a headset Whit mic:P but i had the headset from before and wanted a mic to:D

well i have this bose too, and i use it with my mp3.I think it's stupid to waste an awesome headset like this for videogames.

Its way to big for iPod use:P i use it most for iTunes and i just glued a mic to it for gaming:D

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Ah, seem as this is turning into a "show us your headset". I might as well post mine.


Fender TS-411 Stereo Headphones.

They're worth like £100 I think, I got them with my guitar though so I don't know the full price.

As for mic, I just use a crappy one build into a webcam.

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