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The topic about that Guy made me think about telling it.

So now im going to. A few months after i became 16 i had stomach aches, getting more worse over time.

So i went to a doctor and have had a lot of tests. Finally they diagnosed me with crohn's disease, a chronical illness which creates Some sort of blockade in my small contestan. After the diagnosis i got medication and felt normal again. But right after my school started again after the Large vacation it was worser than it was when i got diagnosed and i became hospitalised for 3 weeks and in that time i had a lot of medication and even had my 17 birthday in the hospital.

But now its controlled again and i Hope it Will take alot longet this time to manifest again.

Dont feel sorry, because the disease only mannifests once in 1 to 2 years time. So most of the time i feel just great but sometimes not.

P.s.:im typing on my iPhone with autocorrect, but it keeps on correcting THE wrong things. :S

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Uh ... I have Crohns disease. And I'm not sure what you mean about blockade in the stomach, because Crohns is an inflammatory bowel disease, there's nothing really blocked, as such.

You share similarities to me, man. I spent 5 weeks in hospital, including my 13th birthday. Disease sucks, it's worse then childbirth. But hey, it's thankfully not there a lot of the time.

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It feels like a blokkade to me. They emptied my stomach so my small intestan could be reset as the doctor calls it.

I liked watching television in the hospital, but it got boring after a while.

P.s: Damn you were young to get crohn's i read somewhere it can begin from 15 till somewhere in the fourties.

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Wow, hard to imagine such disease :/ I just saw what is it, it's horrible.

The only "hard" disease I got was a sort of gastroenteritis, I stood 3 days in my bed without being able to eat anything otherwise it made me vomit, and I had painful spasms.

The rest was just nose things/Chicken Pox (I still have a pox, it didn't vanish :s )-Stomach problems, comparing to your Chron's disease it's nothing :s

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The pain is not comparable to Any. The pain i had in The hospital was like a 10/10. It couldnt be more worse. I even had à few surgeons paying me visit because if it would have been worse i had to have surgery and get the piece of intestan out of me. Luckily it wasnt needed this time.

P.s: i know what you mean errot my brother hasnt been sick for like 6 years not even a cold.

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Crohns can begin from any age, I just got it really early. And taking the infected part of the intestine out is a really last chance, desperate act that I don't think they'd have actually done.

Purely because Crohns, because it causes problems in your gut, can effect you anywhere between your throat to your ass, and literally taking a slice of your intestine out won't prevent it happening anywhere else. Fistula, mouth ulcers, low stomach absorbency and thus no weight gain etc.

You must either have a very mild form of it, or your doctors are extremely bad doctors >.> Steroids can reduce any immediate pain anyway.

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I never had steroids, but they said to me that it only manifests in your thin intestan or your thick intestan.

My medication is immunosuppresiva called azathiophine. In the hospital they gave me prednisolon and antibiotics. And they gave me aspirines for the pain i got but it didnt help much for me.

Before i got in the hospital they gave me entocort (prednisolon for intestan and stomach).

P.S.: every info i tell you i got straight from the doctor. I think i might look my disease up somewhere else.

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I have suicidal depression due to alot of reasons and my dad beats me.

I don't hope you're bullshitting in a serious thread as this.

I feel sorry for you guys and hope you will get permanently cured somesay

I've not had any serious deceases.. What I can remember is

- pneumonia (gone) not serious at all.

- allergic towards grass (ongoing) Not serious, just very fucking annoying.. My nose starts to bleed sometimes because of it..

I'm lucky so far, well, I don't know what I carry around.

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