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Fixing Steam UserID Ticket


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A lot of people seem to have this problem.

They join a server and get booted straight away getting the message Disconnected: Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket

Here's the solution (Well a solution):


Do NOT use this if you don't know your Steam password! You will have to login after finishing this.

  • Close Steam and anything related to it (this also includes to "exit" the system tray icon)
  • Go to your Steam folder (usually located at C:\Program Files\Steam)
  • Delete the following files:
    • clientregistry.blob
    • steam.dll
    • steamui.dll

    [*]Start Steam. It will now take a while (depending on your bandwidth) to update Steam (and download new versions of the 3 just deleted files).[*]Log on properly and start whatever game you were on. You should now be able to join the server again.[*]If NOT: repeat the steps until the file deletion, then restart your computer BEFORE starting Steam again. This should finally fix it.

Happy Hunting smile.gif

(Yes I did steal this from another forum, whatyagonnago?)

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