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Bug at the end of IW maps


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At the end of most maps, IW has a bug, where no team wins, the undead legion just goes to -

Even if its 0 humans...'



(yeah my grahics are low, i know XD)

So... Just letting you know :)

Happend many times in a row, I'm just reloadingthe map, so they can continue to play...

Happened for no apparent reason... Basicly just every time a team wins..

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it happened in the past, but then it stopped, and now it seems that its back again :S

Yea like a virus of some sort, dont know why it happens tho...just weird :blink:

I somewhat highly doubt that the server has a virus...

But I don't think its so hard to prevent this from happening, can't you just add like "If undead_legion = -1 then round_OVAH!!" etc? :P

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