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I dont know if anyone on this forum was there,

but ones there was a guy on IW that had like an endless amount of Proxmines!

He put them all on a wall and afcourse a zombie ran in to it :lol:

That BANG was unbelieveable!

Was it you clavus or YWA?

I had that bug this summer! XD

(Idk if what you are talking about is a bug or what, but anyways..)

I could plant infinate bombs :P

only 5 of them would explode though, but as long as i didnt change weapon after i ran out of mines, i could place infinate. I didnt really use it alot, i just thought it was funny to write my name, but thinking of it, it would be good to use to cover all possible ways into a spot, then the first 5 will blow up no matter how they tried to get to you O.o

It happened every round, for like a week or so, it was so strange :P

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today i saw a major model bug, it was funny as hell!

the turret model were replaced with the sacrifical baby model!

experifucks were runnin around with shootin babies on their shoulders.

the babies got their revenge :D

too bad i forgot to take screenies =(

Hahaha yeah I've heard of that :P

After getting slaughtered for so many years, THE BABIES ARISE >:]

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