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Ideas for IW


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I mean like, Press F1, then next to the shop, or about, or whatever, you place a tab called "Highscores"

In there you just put the same system thing as in the achievements tab, just that you change the box with the players online names, with diffrent things to go in highscore.

When you press one of the things, You open THAT section in the other box (The one to the right) with the 10 top players in just that thing.



| Most healed in a round |

| Most healed overall |

| Most playing hours |

| Most damage to zombies |

| Most damage to humans |

| Most humans killed <-------|--------┬-----------------------------------------┐

| Most zombies killed | | 1. < Sacrifical Baby > | 1750 |

| Most zombies killed in one round | | 2. Stalker-Dude[NL] | 1358 |

| Most humans killed in one round | | 3. Toaster | 989 |

└----------------------------------┘ | 4. ojrhoijrehijerh | 548 |


You get the idea?

Edit: nooo, my beautifull sketch :C

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I'm just kidding, I can't code :P

I can script VERY BASICALLY in hammer tho

Same as me :V

Idk what to do next :S

Its so hard to get better at something when you have nothing to aim for... I need challanges, to try to make in Hammer, or else its impossible to learn :P

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Just try making a disco ball, that is a challenge.

Then add more shit to it, AND MORE AND MORE AND MOOREEEEEE

And waddya mean nothing to aim for? YA GOT A BRILLIANT MAP TO AIM FOR THAT'S FOR SURE!

Yeah, It may sound easy, but I can't learn that way ;P

I need something, like:

Make a map to me! >:[

I need a map with 5 rooms, in one of the rooms i want *blah blah blah*

I need instructions, hopefully VERY hard stuff, then i try to make it, and I try out lots of stuff to come to that result. I usually learn ALOT of shit along the way :P

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Just start out with a house, make the house, then rooms, then add props, then lighting, then detail and etc.

Speaking of props. I have no fucking idea how to spawn props O.o

I don't get it >.< XD

Someone explain plz?

I'm mapping for CSS :P

I understand all the diffrent phys_ and trigger_ shit, and i understand even better how to use all the diffrent outputs and shit, but i have no fucing idea how to spawn a prop O.o

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