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Hi ppl :D

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Hi people...

well... i've been playing in this server for a while and it's just great.

nice ping. great tracks :D etc. thanks a lot for it.

but there's a BIG problem.

too much cheaters / hackers and there's no admins :(

the vote kick function is disabled. ok. i understand that, maybe it could be worse but...

it's just frustrating.

one cheater it's just normal. and well... you can deal with that. it's "acceptable" (sadly)

but... what can you do with 7 or more at the same time?


right now i wanna play but it's impossible.

cheaters. campers. asshats...

excuse my crappy english


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thanks for the tips and the welcome guys :D



i was looking in the admin applications forums and was only one for the mta server.

it was Juggernaut's application and it was denied. sadly. <_<

i saw Juggernaut in the server often. he looks like a decent guy i think.

the truth is... we need admins. an american admin means he's awake while europeans ones are sleeping. there are several american players. north and south americans.

playing between 2am and 7-8am (french time) whithout admins in the server nor the chat room. during that lapse of time the server becomes cheaters and blockers paradise.

also... there are imposible maps with a time limit of 90 minutes.

i dont want to apply for and admin petition coz the truth is...

i'm 32 years old. i've been playing online for 15 years and now i'm just tired to follow the protocol. i'm not a chat or forum guy anymore.

i was admin of several servers. for several games during the years.

now... i have enough of it.

i just want to fool around.

and my english sucks big time XD.


reconsider the Juggernaut's application.

we need him.

Long life to Quake 2 CTF L-fire :P

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I just dropped by to say that you've got a nice Race server here but there's one but really annoying problem...

Where all of your admins are? Currently (12.00AM GMT), there are absolutely no admins on-line... As a result, there are 5 cheaters having their fun and ruining the gameplay for everyone else. This is totally unacceptable for a server as popular as yours.

Best wishes,


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Sorry to disagree with the prievious poster but just because the post by my team mate was made at that time it dont mean the cheating incidents were commited at that time. The sad truth is that the cheaters are there at most times of the day and quoting european times does not effect the fact that the admins on the server are not doing their job. It is a great server and its a shame to see it being abused by every cheating little(apply swear word here) that comes onto it. I have been on your server for several hours over the past week or so and most of the time it has been plagueged by at least 3 or 4 cheats all the time making the game a joke. I am sorry if my tone offends ppl but you really need to get this sorted out brefore it impacts on your very good player base

Yours Andy

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Actually the code for applying a standard handling.cfg and customizing handling through scripting funcs is already there but well somehow it got broken during DP3 days. I already tried fixing it up but thats a kind of more advanced topic so i guess we will have to wait for MTA 1.1 or 1.2 as these are the next feature releases.

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