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Race National Cup 2021 - Invitation for Mr.Green racers


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Dear Mr.Green players,

We would like to invite you to the upcoming edition of Race National Cup, which will be held at the end of January.
Many of you here might already be participants of previous NCs, so you know how much fun it brings and how special this event is to the racing community. 
All required info about the maps, matches and point system is to be seen on our discord channel: https://discord.gg/hggXK7A2

The most important information regarding registration of a team and gameplay mechanics:

- Team Captains can register/edit their teams till 17 January 2021
- Minimum 5 players required for registration
- For standard teams every player must be from the same country (It can be country of residence or origin)
- In order to unite two or more countries, all of these countries must have less than 5 active players in the community
- Unite requests will be checked and decided by organisers. Any abusive teams/offers will be declined immediately
- Players without a National or United team can register for ROTW. Players from a country with more than 5 active players can't register for ROTW team. If a country is united with an other nation, other players of the nation can't register for ROTW as well
- More than one ROTW teams can be created

- Matches are held in 60 fps, on vanilla San Andreas map with no nitro pickups

As for this moment, 14 teams are registered. For further info, once again, join our discord. See you there!

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