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hello. I came by this way to make the request of unbanning me in the mr green gaming race server. The situation was the following: there was some guy named crf cena, that just didn't like my previous nickname 'pig benis', just because. no one else ever complained, but he felt offended. so the name is funny and not offensive at all, and he demanded arbitrarily to change name. I said no. obviously. he perm banned me. he did it on purpose to mess with me, was probably in a bad day. my nick name now is XYZ_roubei_teu_ouro , so i came here ask to undo that bad action of someone who acted like a dictator in a game. I mean, a server should not have someone act so arbitrarily and just because. PS: this happened like 3 years ago. and now i decided to be back and still banned? for just a name that offended only one person, for no reason?? i dont have proof but this is literally what happened. I just wanna race, i'm sick of SKC and FFS. Pig Benis is a name of a musician. it's not sugestive at all. Thank you. serial is  9E49E2423869B6A3B6D14D576118F3A1 sometimes i ask if you have some kind of horny feeling about doing these kind of stuff, like banning for very little reasons, or is the hate behind it all, or the wish to kill the server, because the more you ban for these silly reasons, the less people you will have playing in your servers. it's not like i griefed or cheated, it was just a useless harmless musician name

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but fine, here it goes:

  1. Pig benis
  2.  3 years ago
  3.  mr green gaming race
  4.  crf cena
  5.  Reason: Pig benis ( aparentely normal nickname, after a musician, that causes butthurt in some people )
  6.  Reason why unban me: Pig Benis is not ofensive, also i changed nick long time ago, and no one ever reacted to that nick Pig Benis (again), because it's funny
  8. 9E49E2423869B6A3B6D14D576118F3A1


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