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How did you discover ZS?

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We all started somewhere.

I have seen many players come and go in this game mode, with some just dropping in to those regularly seen playing. From new kleiners to veteran survivors, the game is so damn fun to play and offers a warming sense of community and teamwork.

For me, I discovered ZS back in 2006 when I was in junior high. I had known of Garry's Mod from seeing those ragdoll animated videos flooding YouTube. I was never into the sandbox aspect of the game but what did catch my attention were two videos with Zombie Survival in their titles. I love survival games, more so when it's against the undead. I clicked and was introduced to perhaps the most unique and fun game mode I had personally ever seen.




Just these two videos were all it took to get me hooked. I loved the concept, soundtracks and gameplay. It looked like an arcade-style survival mini game and I loved it. Unfortunately, my pc at the time didn't love it. It would hardly run over 15-20fps and would stutter like crazy. So I sat back and watched content from multiple communities to get my fill. It wasn't until years later in 2012 that I could actually play the game. It had changed substantially, but I didn't mind and just had fun. The most fun I've had in a game.

Also because of things like this:

When I eventually moved for college, I had lost my steam log in details and watched the years pass as I focused on my education. However, in 2019 I finally got to updating my steam info and excitedly downloaded GMod. I was met with a low pop ZS server list. The communities I was part of back then had either moved on or collapsed. ZS as it exists currently is a vastly different beast, but still incredibly fun to play.

With Mr. Green Gaming announcing a revival of ZS Classic, I have even more to look forward to.

It was a bittersweet reunion, but I am here to play until the end baby.

With that being said, whether you're new or a veteran, how did you first discover ZS? and what were your first impressions of it?

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I have downloaded Gmod 9 (the free version before the paid one, aka Gmod 10, launched) around 2006/2007 and fiddled a lot with the sandbox/ragdoll thingies too. After a while I tried a few gamemodes, but Gmod 10 was launched in the mean time and most servers moved on to this version.

There were only a few servers remaining, including a ZS one (Noxious I think). I played on it and had lots of fun, but I was also young (13-ish) and my parents once caught me playing that game on zs_barrelfactory and there was blood everywhere. That was enough for them to be angry and force me removing the game 😅


Somewhere in 2009 I decided to buy Gmod (v11 back then) and thought about that old ZS mod, picked one of the european servers and stumbled on Mr Green. Had fun, stood there for a good while (before leaving for a few years and being back again when classic ZS would be a thing 😁).

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I cant really remember what year it was but either 2009/2010 the mod i played on css ZH died out so i was looking for a new game/mod, i found zm om css and became addicted and joined the best clan there is, i got abit bored and found zs on garrys mod and fell in love directly! Spent many hours with some of the OG players, and i have a fond memory of me playing this first time ever: it was a rural map with like ruins and a  crane and you could climb up the ruins (cant remember the map name) and camp there and i bought myself a sombrero hat and after that i just kept playing😁

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