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IW mentioned in USA PC Gamer


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Infected Wars got mentioned in the latest USA PC Gamer, in a GMod article.

Thanks to Wolf.

Sucky video



Blah blah blah blah, 7:20PM Mr.Green's infected Left4Green.

Craig Pearson: If i can't find something relaxing, I might as well find something frenetic.

"Infected Wars," eh? That sounds gruesome. I'm starting to gather certain expectations of what Garry's Mod's contrarian community likes to make. I figure this will be about teaching kittens how to clean babies... It's not. I spawn holding a gun made of entirely of meat! This wasn't about kittens! In Infected wars, Players are split between 2 sides. Human and the Supernatural. When a human dies, he joins the infected side, Losing his Arsenal of plasma weapons and turrets to the infected team. Their guns are made from viscera. It's a simple run and gun remix. Infected wars gives the humans technological things like turrets you can use to ambush, and plasma rifles. I run to the infected spawn point and I'm confronted with Half-life2's zombie population armed with awful gore bombs and laser-powered sausages. Too wierd, I'm gone.

Craig Pearson was just going around and going through servers for 24 hours. If I ever meet him, I will tell him: "Remember, People who make Gamemodes on gmod tend to have BIG imaginations. so its supposed to be wierd. :D " - Wolfeh

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Nice nice, we didn't get an article 'bout gmod in french PC Gamer :(

What magasine's month it is? November?

Also, out of topic, but I got 2 of my emails published in PC Gamer, with one as "letter of the month", and a picture I made for a picture contest, I didn't win a game but I was in the best pictures, I try to find a screen if I can.

EDIT: Got it!It's a pic I made in Gmod :awesome: (it's on the left, under the winner :D ) The title is "medic!" and the soldier has a wierd face (you know, randomize expression in faceposer)


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