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Hello all,

My name is CoolJon. I'm from the USA, but I'm spending a year in Germany for school. As you can imagine I had a terrible ping on the servers I regularly played on in the States so I looked for some where I could play without constant lag. The Mr. Green servers came out at the top of list. I've been playing fairly regularly on the KOTH and Payload servers for the past month.

I really enjoy the map rotation you all have set up on each server and it's nice to have choices of servers. It seems like you have a good group of regulars who really help gameplay move along.

There's just a couple of things that I wanted to bring up just to get the management's opinion on.

First, and I think this was mentioned in one of the other threads, can Hlstatsx please be turned off after a round win? It's bad enough with the new graphics cowering in a corner while the winning team hunts you down with all crits. I don't think it's necessary to lose or gain points for those kills. There's absolutely no skill required to kill someone with all crits when they can't even fight back so that should not be reflected by the stats.

Second, what is the reasoning behind the fake players plugin? From my point of view it's just annoying. Usually when I see that a server has fifteen players in it I'll join it, but when it finishes loading and it turns out that there's actually no one playing, I get a little ticked off.

Lastly, have you ever considered adding votescramble functionality? There have been a couple of times recently when the team I was on was getting completely steam-rolled and it just wasn't fun. For situations like that, votescramble can be quite helpful. If it is set to require something like 75% of votes then people from both teams would have to agree to scramble, not just those who are getting pwned.

That's all for now. I'm looking forward to getting to know this community better over the following months.

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All points were discussed before:

We can't completely control how HLstatsX works. Those few points gained from humiliation round kills are not worth the trouble.

Fake players plugin is despised by players, but a godsend for server owners. It does pull in new players and fills up the server faster. If you want to see the actual amount of players ingame, just use "View game info" by right clicking on the server and counting the amount of players listed.

Votescramble was determined not to be a good solution, and only spoils the fun of having a good team. If players want to play with others, let them. In the end, the balance is purely determined by the team's skill and teamwork.

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This is a bit offtopic, but here we go.

The fake playercount aint that bad, it really helps the server to gain players. The surf server started having more and more players since the fake playercount was added.

Before it, record was(after IP change) something like 12, and even that was rare. Today there was 16, which is much considering how it used to be. It will take time to revive the server completely, but its worth it.

Offtopic Nobana out.

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Even more votescramble.

And I agree on the HLXstats, on disabling it after round end. It's cheap kills.

I'm not agree with disabling hlx after round win or lose, because the winning team did some efforts to win and what do the get for winning nothing. (imo)

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