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Post your favorite hobbies!


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Despite the routine of work, sleep and repeat many of us go through, I'm sure we all have a hobby or two that we enjoy putting time into.

I have two hobbies that take up most of my time outside of work and college:

1. Filmmaking

2. Astronomy


I've been making comedy sketches with friends and family since childhood and still do today, it's actually what I'm attending college for. I also love astronomy and learning about the environment outside of our immediate planetary systems and the endless possibilities/secrets they hold.

What are your favorite hobbies?

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My hobby is playing video games. Now I play New World. I think playing games is a perfectly appropriate hobby, and one that can really help me self-improve, actually! Playtime is an integral part of our development as human beings, and that doesn’t just stop when we reach adulthood. Gaming can teach us a lot of different skills and give our brains a much-needed workout.

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