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RE: Haxardous Unfair Discord Mute

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I wanted to do this comment at the original post because Haxardous stated questionable statements about me,but the topic got closed suddenly,not having me a chance to answer.


They have done pretty much to earn my negative reputation about them, especially gromghost,since I've talked with Hulpje after the incident. "Playing the opressed one" is only standing out for myself, I don't force anyone to defend me or feel sorry for me. "Not because of anyone else?" Your buddy gromghost used to ram me everytime I was close to him,even when I was silent and didn't talk to him. Also,I offered him making agreement TWICE,yet he didn't live with the chance.

I am just a player who is not afraid to say his opinions and doesn't let negative impressions about himself for those who isn't familiar with me.

But you know what,to make things clear and not "playing the opressed one" for once, I admit that I took things further with Hulpje, I just don't like his destiny maps because it used to being bought as a troll map,and since we've talked on Discord,I don't have problem with his personality. Yet I will never be sorry for gromghost.


About the "shit map" term which is often used by other players too, I criticize the map,not the author. I use it too much,I try to avoid it,but some low quality maps piss me off still.

I am and always will be respectful for friendly players and won't be with those who are *ssholes to me.

Speaking of pictures, what should I think about you and gromghost, when you make comments like this about me? (I was muted at the second picture and they were about deleting my bugged top, which I wouldn't have problem itself alone.)




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