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Zombie Survival RE Official Release topic

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Hi Greens ! :mr-green:

I'm glad to announce that ZS Redeemed Edition (or Classic) will be available on September 24 2021 20:00:00 GMT.

The game is now ready for a proper release. There will be a few updates post-release and additionnal content over time, but everything is playable so far !

If you were present during the different demos, your greencoins / unlockables will still be there !

You will also be able to link your Mr Green account in-game to transfer your GCs.


How to join :

Search for Mr Green Zombie Survival Classic Edition in the server list or type connect zsre.mrgreengaming.com:27015 in console to join the server !


Launch event :

There will be GC giveaways on the Mr Green Discord (https://discord.gg/UBVtEXbc) and greenshop item giveaways in-game, so be sure to hop in during the launch ! ;)


Here's a quick glimpse of what you're going to play (from the last demo) : https://streamable.com/ajyc0u


See you there folks ! :mr-green:

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These news make me happy, glad that there's finally a release date for the great Green's ZS at last, I'll be sure to let everyone who's interested know about it so they all can play, I'll make sure to hop on as well if I see that plenty of other people share the same interest with it too. Really looking forward to it, this is after all I've been waiting for, for the official release, that is.

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