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ZS Major update : Bots

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A new update is now live on Mr Green ZS !

Bots are now available to play with, they're automatically spawned at the beginning of the game (10 humans + 2 zombies when round starts, numbers may change in the future).


Along with the bots, minor additions :

- Added a UI indicator that shows what your next reward/weapon will be, and how many kills you need to get it.

- Added Ziggurat V2 to the mapcycle

- Various bugfixes caused by bots mainly.


Feel free to provide feedback on the forums or on the discord ( https://discord.gg/ReC2MrKEtC ).

Details below !


Where do the bots spawn ?

They're available on all maps in the mapcycle.

Human bots will spawn on regular human spawns.

Zombies will spawn on regular spawns AND specific bot spawns (due to some map limitations, custom spawns were added to help them reach certain spots). Zombie players won't be able to spawn on these, but they can go to the toxic gases to heal themselves.


What can bots do ?

Bots are meant to look like real players, as such they have a random name, a random icon and a random title. They can sometimes wear a hat too.

They can kill eachother and kill players, and you can of course kill them too (no friendly-fire though).

Depending on the maps, they're able to climb obstacles / ladders and move almost everywhere where a navmesh exists.


Human bots start with the usual pistol + melee loadaout and are able to get new guns by killing zombies, just like human players do.

When a human bot is hurt or fires at a zombie, nearby allies will come to assist him if they're not busy.

There's a also a WIP follower/leader structure, where bots can follow a player or another bot, or just roam around in solo.

Bots use the excuse me / reloading / pain sounds that is used for normal players.


Zombie bots automatically choose a target and follow it until it kills it or gets killed. They're able to do propkills if they find props on  their way, so be careful !

For now, only normal zombies are implemented. Other classes will follow in the coming weeks.


What can't they do ?

At the moment, bots can't redeem. This will be added later.

Human bots can't drop their weapons or pick weapons up for now but this will be fixed in a future patch.

They can't use barricade kits.  And probably never will.

They can't talk (obviously), but they may get some random lines of text / taunts / memes popping in the future.

Old ladders (the ones where you press E) can't be used by bots, so expect some maps where they won't be able to reach you if you're in a spot which has such ladder. Though, some maps can/will be modified to replace these ladders with the compatible ones.


Human  bots won't take damage from toxic gases, since they're moving everywhere and I have no way to tell them to avoid the toxic gases.

Zombies are not healed by the gases but this will probably change in the future.


Bots don't benefit the upgrades / perks systems.


Known issues to be fixed:

Bots/bots & bots/players collisions. Since it's causing a few side-issues, I want to fix that one but it may not be possible, it requires fiddling with the bot library I'm using but I'm hopeful it can be fixed.

Navmesh optimization : navmeshes will be reworked / improved overtime to have less glitchy spots where bots would be bugged.

Obstacle avoidance : bots can sometimes get stuck in ceilings or props, this is related to navmesh optimization and some tweaking to do in the code as well.

Ending screen doesn't show bots score / times.


Coming soon

Behaviour improvements

New zombie classes for bots (poison zombie & chem zombies being the next ones in the list)

Bugfixes / navmeshes optimization





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  • 3 weeks later...

Update released :


- Poison zombie bots and chem zombie bots are now added to the game.

- Improved Abandoned Mall's navmesh.


Poison zombs can only attack for now (throwing gibs is WIP).

Poison zombs can attack and will sometimes throw gibs when there are zombies around them.

Chem zombies will only explode when they get shot, when they're stuck somewhere or when they touch a barricade.

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