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PP Meeting fourth edition

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Welcome dear Mrgreen Community 🥰

The Last  three editions of my event ''Polish Paradise Meeting" were big success so as I promise  this event will  in next Sunday , 19.06.2022 Mrgreen Race Server 20 CEST 🕗. all players are welcome on this event, I hope we will good have fun with maps which are often playable on Mrgreen ( Never The Same and Core Markers):mr-green:


Event Maps 🗺️

🛡️1.Never The Same

🛡️2.Never The Same Again


🛡️4.Alenator_Chemicals vol .1[RACE]

🛡️5.Alenator_Chemicals vol.2[RACE]

🛡️6.Alenator_Country War [RACE]

🛡️7.Alenator_Footsprints [RACE]

🛡️8.Stroth Bus Simulator

🛡️9.Stroth Ameno

🛡️10.Core Markers - Doot Camp

🛡️11.Core Markers - Get Lemon

🛡️12. LasBoxes

🛡️13.Markers Heaven

🛡️14. Core Markers 2

🛡️15. Save_Me v2

🛡️16. Which  Witch Switched the Swiss witchrased

🛡️17. Gul Dibi bulbul dili gibi bubel dibi gibi

🛡️18. $ Hide $

🛡️19. [RACE] Markers 1

🛡️20. [RACE] Markers 2


See ya in Sunday 😘

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I would thanks all players which came on event but still think we can destroy server with number of players but its my dream :D anyway still were a lot of  players as for problems which has this server. Results and awards write later. If you have any ideas or problems with event write under my comment love ya guys 🥰

PP meeting 4.png

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I would like congratulate players which made a lot of points on ''PP Meeting'' 🏆 . This time prize will from my pocket so contact me on discord ✉️                                       👑Mateoryt👑#4769

🥇 1.fonfon - 5000gc

🥈 2. -T3SL4- 2500gc

🥉 3. Nostral - 1500 gc

🏅 4.Mateoryt - 750 gc 

🏅 5.V4POR - 750 gc 

See ya on next event ^^

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