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PP Meeting fourth edition

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Welcome dear Mrgreen Community 🥰

The Last  three editions of my event ''Polish Paradise Meeting" were big success so as I promise  this event will  in next Sunday , 19.06.2022 Mrgreen Race Server 20 CEST 🕗. all players are welcome on this event, I hope we will good have fun with maps which are often playable on Mrgreen ( Never The Same and Core Markers):mr-green:


Event Maps 🗺️

🛡️1.Never The Same

🛡️2.Never The Same Again


🛡️4.Alenator_Chemicals vol .1[RACE]

🛡️5.Alenator_Chemicals vol.2[RACE]

🛡️6.Alenator_Country War [RACE]

🛡️7.Alenator_Footsprints [RACE]

🛡️8.Stroth Bus Simulator

🛡️9.Stroth Ameno

🛡️10.Core Markers - Doot Camp

🛡️11.Core Markers - Get Lemon

🛡️12. LasBoxes

🛡️13.Markers Heaven

🛡️14. Core Markers 2

🛡️15. Save_Me v2

🛡️16. Which  Witch Switched the Swiss witchrased

🛡️17. Gul Dibi bulbul dili gibi bubel dibi gibi

🛡️18. $ Hide $

🛡️19. [RACE] Markers 1

🛡️20. [RACE] Markers 2


See ya in Sunday 😘

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I would like congratulate players which made a lot of points on ''PP Meeting'' 🏆 . This time prize will from my pocket so contact me on discord ✉️                                       👑Mateoryt👑#4769

🥇 1.fonfon - 5000gc

🥈 2. -T3SL4- 2500gc

🥉 3. Nostral - 1500 gc

🏅 4.Mateoryt - 750 gc 

🏅 5.V4POR - 750 gc 

See ya on next event ^^

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