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Game Server: Mr. Green Garrys Mod servers (Mainly IW Server)

Age: 14

Country of origin: United States of America

Link to steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ToastAndRoast

(I don't use Xfire)


IRC: I use the Mr. Green IRC channel almost every day. I mainly use #mrgreen and #mrgreen.gmod.iw. My IRC cleint is XChat for the PC. Just recently, I purchased an IRC client for my iPod Touch called Colloquy. With Colloquy I can chat on the Mr. Green IRC channels and monitor the gmod severs.

Hello, my name is Eric, with my nickname and steam name being "Toaster", and this is why I believe I am fit to be admin on the Mr. Green Garrys Mod servers. I have noticed that the IW admins don't play on the server much anymore so I decided to apply for admin. I am 14 years of age and I play a lot on the Mr. Green Infected Wars server. I have played Infected Wars for over a year now, since early beta testing, and I think I have what it takes to be admin. I have spent over 400 hours playing and have every achievement, as you can see I am very active in-game. I am also active on the forums, though I do not post a lot, I visit the forums and read recent topics five to six times each day. I try to be supportive to the forums and servers as I have donated twice and plan on donating again some time. I have good experience with admin as I am currently admin on two servers, one of which I own. I speak good English since I have lived in America my whole life. The good part of me being American is that I can cover the night shift, while the other admins are not on. Half of the time, a lot of the farming, cheating, and exploiting happen at night when the Americans play because they know the European admins wont be there to stop them. I see admin as a responsibility rather than a way to get attention and power. I am willing to do anything I can to make the game balanced, fair, and enjoyable.

I can see my age could be a problem, seeing as you might not think I am mature enough. I believe I can be a mature, responsible admin. If you decline this admin request, that is not a problem, I will stay active and try again in a few months.

That is all, I hope you put my application into consideration. :D



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He never does creepy stuff and I think admin fits him.

I don't think he is a fit to mrgreen then.

Anyhow, whats with me being only one here who has not made serious admin app? :(

Mine was half serious, but I got it because they needed an admin for IW when it was an individual server :V :V

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