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because banning my account suddenly

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well the reason for this allegation is because of the banning of my secondary account
It does not give any specification or reason only banned from one moment to another
just because some players don't like to play the maps of my liking that I buy with my green coins
And I understand that a permanent ban is for someone who uses hacks or is a very toxic person.
I don't understand why
I am a player of more than 10 years in the server and my contributions are very good

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8 hours ago, Nick_026 said:

Lo primero es lo primero. ¿Qué cuenta, cuándo sucedió esto? No tenemos idea de lo que estás hablando. Por favor, utilice este formato


id mail: [email protected]
March 18
ban server racer and mix
The reason which I ask to be released is because I am not toxic or bad person I give contributions to the server
The reason for my ban was never specified

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I put in specific that I am not a bad person I am well known for talking and being liked by many players
I guess this ban was for being empathetic with one of the administrators in one of his problems.
I am not to blame for being affected by someone else's difficulties.
I don't think it's a reason to do these things.

excuse my English and way of writing the texts

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propably you are ''LA TORA'' aka Marianna so I muted you for 30 days, didnt banned you as writed here, you can still play on our server. Abuello(NecroJesus) sent me proofs on your toxic behaviour , thats why gave you mute. you Insulted his close familly especially girlfriend and more badly things. people had enough your aggresive comments not only ElAbuello. I hope after penalty you will treat others in normal way 

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6 hours ago, Nick_026 said:

Acabo de comprobarlo. Tu cuenta no está prohibida...

¿Qué dices?

If it is banned and in the forum I get that I have no right to see
The banned account is my secondary account

I don't have access to it in any way
mail is: [email protected]

Hace 4 horas, Mateoryt dijo:

probablemente eres ''LA TORA'' alias Marianna, así que te silencié durante 30 días, no te prohibió como se escribe aquí, todavía puedes jugar en nuestro servidor. Abuello (NecroJesus) me envió pruebas sobre tu comportamiento tóxico, por eso te dio mudo. Insultaste a su familia cercana, especialmente a su novia y cosas más malas. la gente tuvo suficiente de tus comentarios agresivos, no solo ElAbuello. Espero que después de la pena trates a los demás de manera normal

No soy LA-TORA Soy Diablo666

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Having a secondary account is technically not allowed. You're only allowed to have 1 account per person. 

For that reason your secondary account will not be unbanned

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11 hours ago, Nick_026 said:

Tener una cuenta secundaria técnicamente no está permitido. Solo se le permite tener 1 cuenta por persona.

Por esa razón, su cuenta secundaria no será desbaneada.

My protest is because I had 6k GC
I had that account because my original account from many years ago did not have it because I did not have access to the mail
And because of that it was the only option I had so that my playing time was not a waste.
There is some way to recover GC from that account

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