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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky Guide / Thread


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Okay eh, I can start by saying welcome to the Zone, STALKER :V

For those of you who are old enough to remember the 26th april of 1986 in Ukraine, you probably know what's going on here. We're talking 'bout Chernobyl biatches.

The accident were actually only a little spill of radioactive material, no huge ass explosion. Well, there were an explosion, which caused the radioactive material to fly away with the winds and pretty much afflict the whole area, and even outside the Soviet Union. (Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union back then) And the areas radiation is expected to expire around 2016, but the earth will still be poisoned by all the radiation.

Okay, enough introduction, let's start talking about some things you should keep in mind while playing.

Bleeding and injuries

When you run around, you might get shot somewhere. Like, in your leg, arms, groin, whatever. When that happens, you see a blood drop shaped marker above your ammunition counter (lower right part of the HUD).

Bleeding means that your character is slowly loosing health, which can be rather fatal if not treated instantly.

The only things that can stop the bleeding is bandages, and blue medkits (AKA army medkits).

The greener the blod drop marker is, the more "lighter" the injury is, which means that the more red it becomes, it becomes more dangerous, and you die real quick.

Light bleeding (totally green) use to stop over time, while heavy bleeding (dark red) requires bandages (sometimes even more than one bandage)

You usually find bandages from Traders, stashes or even from corpses. Remember that bandages is very important, since you pretty much bleed all the time, so take them the first thing you see when you loot someone (especially if you're still under enemy fire).

Food and starving

When you run around "Stalking" you should know that you can even become hungry after too much "Stalking". When your character becomes hungry, a fork and dish marker will appear in the lower right part of the HUD (same area as the bleeding marker).

If you don't eat anything for a longer period of time, the character will proceed to more ravenous hunger and lose more health over time.

You can pretty much find food from Traders, and be looted. The more food you eat, the longer you can go around without eating. (Think that the character acts almost like in real life, so during a 12 hour in-game time, you need to eat around 3 times.)

There are three types of food. Bread, sausage and canned food. Sausage and canned food are the best against hunger, while bread is the least best. However, bread is more lighter than sausage and canned.

When going on a long trip, always bring some canned food or sausage!


You have an anomaly detector, and a geiger counter with you, all the time.

Anomalies can be dangerous, but you use to spot them from the looks. Radiation, however, is a serious threat most of the times. When you are entering a pocket of radiation, your geiger counter starts to tick, and your vision starts to brighten.

The radiation packs into your body, so the longer you stay in radiation, the more damage you'll take. The deeper you walk into a radiation pocket, the more your geiger counter will start to tick.

If you're not blind, deaf, or just generally stupid, you should start trying to get out of there while you still ca.

Radiation is real fucking horrible unless you got some serious protection. Later in the game, you'll get somewhat like "space suits" which can seal off your head and stuff, which critically reduces the ammount of radiation you take in.

When you are around radiation, another marker will appear. A "radiation" marker, and I guess you all know how those look like. This marker acts the same as bleeding and hunger, starts up as green, and becomes more red the worse it becomes. It's also localized on the lower right part of your HUD.

Even with awesome protection, you still accumulate radiation, until it get to max. Remember that radiation use to gather around cars, and single "metal-ish" objects.

You can reduce the ammount of radiation in your body by using either vodka, anti-radiation drugs (which is rather expensive, but you can still find it here and there while looting), and scientific medkits (yellow medkits). The vodka can give some drawbacks though. It's cheap, it just reduces a slight bit of the radiation, and it gives you a worse aim and blurry vision. Use vodka when out of firefights!

Noise and visibility

When you walk, crouch, walk slow, run, do anything, you make noises that can alert enemies.

On your lower left part of the HUD, there are two meters.

Purple bar = noise meter.

White bar = enemies visibility meter.

The more sounds/noise you make (eating, shooting whatever) the more the purple bar will rise. It will lower too, once you stop what you're doing. When you create noise, enemies will notice, and pursue you. So, if you're close to an enemy, with their back turned, you could try to sneak past. This doesn't oftenly work, cause the enemies in this game ARE SUPERHUMANS sometimes. Just shoot them in the head okay?

The white bar is when an enemy see you. Once it rises, you are spotted. If it's just filled a little bit, then they know you're there, but you've evaded detection. Once it's over the brink, you're spotted, and will obviously die in a few seconds. Oh lol, Iyam so funnay

Enemies can sometimes just see a part of you, and when that happens the bar ain't full, but they will try to approach. Try to back away, just dissappear, and they won't care.

The mini-map

The mini-map is located on the upper left part of the HUD, and it will display neutrals (yellow), friendlies (green), enemies (red) and dead people also known as Loot Buddies (grey)!

There are some NPC's that doesn't display any signs at all, these can be mutants, or... eh, just mutants.

So when you can't see anything on the mini-map, you could also just rely on yer good ol' eyes n' ears to see what's going on. If not, you might aswell drench yourself in gasoline, and immolate yourself in a bonfire.

Anomalies and artifacts

The Zone has created some phenomena known as "anomalies". They use to be detected by your detector, but they are also visible (some of them). The warning is more different than the geiger counter. So don't think you're in a radiation field once you go into an anomaly.

Anomalies could be compared as traps, real fucking annoying traps made to make your intestines blow up and your head turn inside out.

If you walk into an anomaly without being prepared enough, you are pretty much dead. You can sprint out of it though, but if you're stuffed with loot, you're pretty fucked. Also, since some anomalies break your loot (such as armor and weapons) that's also some bad thing.

You'd better tread carefully, and pay attention to your detector!

Let's talk more about artifacts. Artifacts are like the "spawn" of anomalies. Radioactive pieces of unknown material, and when they come in contact with your body, they can provide powers. Such as more health, less bleeding, and more protection against bullets and melee damage.

Artifacts can also give "bad" powers (can't remember the right word for that), such as some of them are radioactive. Or decrease health, gives more bleeding when shot or wounded.

Some examples of anomalies:

Springboard anomaly

trap_springboard.jpgThe Springboard anomaly is not so hard to spot, but easy to run into. They can be spotted by an air fluctation just above the ground, and twirling leaves. They are not too deadly, but can cause bleeding. They activate instantly when anything comes in contact.

These are the most common anomaly in the whole game, so expect to see these wherever you go. They are flourishing mostly in Cordon.

These create the artifacts: Jellyfish, Stone Flower, and Night Star


trap_whirly.jpgThese ones are sometimes hard to spot, if you're not throwing bolts. If you look carefully, you can see leaves and dust twirl around. You can sometimes see a rainbow-is colored circle appear, when you throw a bolt at it.

It can be rather deadly, since it sucks you in, and it's hard to get out of. Sometimes it can even kill you instantly.

It activates rather slow though, so you can have time to get out of it.

When activated, the air will start to spiral upwards, and then compress itself, and finaly explode outwards.

You can usually find these in the Garbage.

Artifacts: Stone Blood, Meat Chunk, and Soul.


trap_vortex.jpgThese almost look the same as Whirlgig, and bolts make the same reaction. The Whirlgig and the Vortex are closely related sortof. They either deal severe damage, or instant death.

But it differs from the Whirlgig, by it's faster activation time. So there's less time to escape.

These are sortof rare to find, but the best example is in Agorprom. There's a certain path were these like to be there, but I tell you, if you go that way, you're dead.

Artifacts: Wrenched, Gravi, and Goldfish

Those three were just examples, there are more in the game.

Equipment (weapons, armor)

Now starts the fun part. The weapons in the game got different names than those in real life, but there are a few mods to fix that problem. Also, here's where your weapons are localized on your keyboard hotkeys.

* Key #1 -- Knife (get one by talking to Wolf in the beginning)

* Key #2 -- Handgun (get one by talking to Wolf in the beginning, or just find one on your own)

* Key #3 -- Longarm (shotgun, rifle, grenade launcher, whatevar!)

* Key #4 -- Grenades

* Key #5 -- Binoculars

* Key #6 -- Bolts

Okay, let's look at some of the weapons found in the game. Also, keep in mind that in Clear Sky, you can upgrade weapons.



The PMm,(real name is Makarov PM) is the worst pistol in the whole game. The most primitive, useless, piece of fucking shit ever. Nah, just kidding, it's the first gun you get from Wolf. The only thing this little plinker is worth for is to shoot bandits and mutants, not hardcore mutants such as Bloodsuckers, but dogs.

Sawn-off double-barreled shotgun


This one'll serve you right if you know how to use it. What beginners use to do, is to underestimate this shotgun. It's pretty useless in the start, but once you get to Agorprom, it's worth gold.

A few important things, this shotgun can only take 2 rounds. One in each barrel, and it takes a rather long time to reload.

Akm 74/2U


The Akm 74/2U, (In real life name is AK-74SU) is rather good in the beginning. There ain't no problem finding ammunition, but overall it's a crappy light machine gun. Accuracy ain't good, but damage is enough to kill bandits and mutants. Use it if you don't have anything else.

Viper 5


(IRL name = H&K MP5A5) You'll fall in love with this rifle in Clear Sky. Upgrade it with best accuracy, and damage, and it can serve you through the whole game (if experienced :V). It's rather shitty in Shadow of Chernobyl though. No problem finding ammunition.

Chaser 13


The Chaser 13 (Real name is Winchester M1300) is AWESOME. Most badass shotgun in the game in my opinion. In Clear Sky it can get several upgrades, like threaded barrel (slug rounds only, which suck), and just + damage and accuracy modifications. In Shadow of Chernobyl, it won't be needed once you find better machine guns, which serve as good as this one does in close combat.

I can't be arsed to write about more weapons right now, so yeah. You'll find out more about weapons in-game, these are just the most beginner like ones.

Ammunition Lead and explosive stuff, inside a casing!

Handgun/SMG ammunition:

* 9 mm x 18 - Standard handgun round. Used for the Makarov (PMm) and other handguns.

* 9 mm x 18 FMJ - Armor-piercing version of the 9 mm x 18, and does more damage.

* 9 mm x 18 +P - Even moar armor-piercing version of the 9 mm x 18! And of course, is more effective.

* 45 ACP - Better handgun calibre. Used for the Colt, and USP handguns.

* 45 ACP AP - Armor-piercing version of the 45 ACP.

* 9 mm x 19 - Another handgun calibre, resembles the 9 mm x 18, but it's somewhat better. It's used for some handguns, and for the H&K MP5A5 sub machine gun.

* 9 mm x 19 FMJ - Armor-piercing... you get it.

Shotgun ammunition:

* Shells - Standard shotgun shells firing grapeshot. Does serious wounds up close, but damage spreads out dramatically over increased distances. For all shotguns (except some upgraded ones in Clear Sky)

* Slug - Basically a giant bullet. Hard enough to deliver take down power, but not too hard to pierce armor. It is soft enough to maim or kill but weighs more than shell ammo. Carry slug ammo for quicker take downs (at the cost of having less ammo available).

Assault Rifles ammunition:

Akm 74/2U (AK-74SU), Akm 74/2 (AK-74), Obokan (AN-94 Abakan) calibre:

* 5.45 mm x 39 - Standard ammo, designed with the new Russian forces in mind. Similar to the 5.56 NATO, but smaller and more compact, the small er amount of mass may have lead to a general reduction of propellant in the cartridge, resulting in a weaker round than planned.

* 5.45 mm x 39 AP - Armor-piercing 5.45 mm round designed to tear through armor and damage soft bodies. Very uncommon and should be hoarded for use later.

The AKM -74/2 and Obokan can mount the PSO-1 scope, but only the AKM 74/2 can use the Kosteyer grenade launcher.


IL 86 (Enfield L85A2), SGI 5k (SIG SG-550), TRs 301 (ZM LR-300ML), GP 37 (H&K G36), and FT 200M (FN F2000) calibre:

* 5.56 mm NATO - Standard NATO round used by forces over the Western World. Basically a .223 caliber high-velocity round designed to take the formula of momentum Pv = M * [V*V] to allow a soldier to carry more ammo but do as much damage as the 7.62 NATO round.

* 5.56 mm AP - Armor-piercing NATO round with teflon-coated hardened tip. Designed to destroy armor and take down soft targets. Uncommon and should be hoarded for later enemies.

The TSR301 and SGI5K can mount the M203 launcher, but only the TSR301 can mount the SUSAT scope. The other NATO weapons have built-in scopes already and do not use the SUSAT attachment or 203 launcher.


I'll just include the most common ones.

Leather jacket

694957625.jpgThis is the first armor you'll get, cause you start the game with it. Don't expect too much from it, but it's enough to explore the Cordon and the Garbage. In Clear Sky you can always just upgrade it, with kevlar plates, and better integrity etc, but it won't ever beat the other armors.

Stalker suit

694957656.jpgThis is also a rather normal armor you'll use pretty much in the Zone. Most Stalkers wear it, and so will you. It offers good protection, and can be upgraded aswell in Clear Sky.

I am to fat to include enemies such as Bandits, and mutants. But you'll find that out in-game. You can't just rely on me all the time! In the Zone, you're always alone. Unless you're drunk with a few other Stalkers. Don't get carried away though, once you wake up, you no longer have a face!

Have fun in the Zone, and hope this guide'll help. Cause I just spent like, 2 hours on making it.

I might add more in the future, once I have time and shit.

Edit: Btw, you can generally talk about the game in here, and share a few tips or hints :)

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I got stalker a few years ago (he first not clear sky) and I had to restart because I saved in the middle of a mob attacking me with no ammo left -.- kinda lost.

Your Guide is rlly great redgord, it shows stuff way clearer then the in-game manual (which sux btw)

can you tell more about the anomalies cause the only use I found for them is trap wild dogs in them to finish them off with my epic sawed off shotgun :D

keep it up

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Well , you gotta walk all the way or you also can install a mod to use vehicules

if you got Stalker 1 ( Shadow of chernobyl ) you really should install Oblivion Lost , this mod make the game harder against the monsters & soldiers but it also make it funnier ;)

It's a "mod pack" where the weapons are modified (better stats or more realistic ) , you can drive vehicules and theres some new monsters the factions do some random raids : the world do some random events like a Controller can enter in a zone with an army of zombies or a Choppa can drop a entire Spetsnaz squad etc ...

Smart mod manager Working for Stalker 1 & 2 at once :


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If you have a really good PC and more than 4GB of RAM i'd recommend getting Atmosfear by Cromm Cruac. Improves the bad texture of the sky, buildings and terrain and makes it look so much better. The atmosphere is also improved a lot since it fixes some issues with the weather.


@xeim, you should totally try Call of Pripyat! It's as good as SoC imo.

I will try it 100% legit i guess =))) got that cool box of SoC

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