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Were to learn lua


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Looks a nice book, although the rating is 3.3/5 BUT

BUT http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/cr/rR1PFA2VBAMO6H0/ref=aw_cr_i_3/187-8433765-4818337

However before I finish, I feel that I must address an injustice. At this time, there are two other reviews of this book, those reviews did a terrible hack job in the form of a review. It appears nothing more that an amateurish attempt to discredit a fine book. Since both refer to the exact same book, I can only image they were paid to write those disingenuous reviews.

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I assume you want to learn LUA to code stuff for GMod. In that case, you shouldn't buy a book, because that's more about general LUA. As far as I know GMod LUA is slightly different (correct me if I'm wrong), and easier to learn following tutorials on Facepunch or other GMod-related websites.

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Programming is not just learning a language, programming is about programming. If you know to program and how it's all structured, learning a language is easy. For Lua, just start off with some easy editing jobs. Change a few values in SWEPs, copy-paste some code, read the GMod wiki tutorials, and you'll learn bit by bit.

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