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Not a bad online game: Soldat

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Hello, I make this topic to present you the game Soldat :) :

Soldat Download

-What is Soldat?

It's an online game, a mix between Counter-strike, for the weapons, and Worms, for the view and gameplay.

In Soldat you can customize your little soldier, choosing his color, his hairstyle etc (some options need to payed though, but excepted those little details, everything is FREE!)

-How do I play that?

Well, you have to configure your buttons of course, the game is not only MOVE-SHOOT-MOVE SHOOT, you also use your skills at rolling, jumping...and flying! Yes, the Jet-Pack is the main tool for the soldiers, it's useful and better than walking, it's unlimited but you have a reload bar (means you can't fly indefinitely, when the bar is empty it reloads, but you can still fly a bit when it's reloading).

The better thing to do is configuring your mouse for: left=fire,right=jetpack .

When you spawn you have a weapon list, it goes from the MP5 to the grenade launcher, passing by the sniper, etc...

You have "infinite" ammo in the sense that you don't have clips, you shoot, and when the clip is empty, just reload, you won't lose your weapon :)

You have different gamemodes to play, DM,TDM,CTF,Rambo (one player has a bow and insta-kills, the others must kill him and get his bow), etc...

You can make private servers, adding bots, inviting friends (you need to give the IP and port though).

It maybe looks ugly but it's a free game and it's funny to play with the others :P

Also you have tools to customize your game, available here

There is a map maker, a hud maker, a bot maker...

You can also find some mods, http://topsites.moddb.com/all/?game=132 (there are other sites which propose mods but I'm lazy^^).

Why not making an official Mr Green Soldat server by the way? :D

Have gun fun :V



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