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Hello, My name is Julian some people might know me as Rocky in the Mr.green Surf server.

i am 19 years old and i live in the netherlands. atm i stopped with my study and i dont have a job yet so i am what u all call a no lifer XD thats why i am on the surf server Alot lately. i have never ever seen an admin on the server so i really think u guys need some. thats why i am applying.

i am applying because i think i would be a great asset as an admin to the server. it is verry anoying when there is a guy afk and all people are in jail, u can wait up to 10 minutes before people notice how to type kill in console. also there are times when there are people in the server just bitching about everything. i always say something about it but i cant DO anything about it. as you all know its the internet everyone is anonymous so the discussion wil just go about someone being a hurensohn?? etc..

If u guys want to know more about me just ask i will answer almost everything ;) btw. i am Not a statswhore. i dont care about what spot i am on the ranks i just want to have fun thats why i play on a surf server. i will always help people who have qeustions about a map or how to surf.

I am sorry for my bad english i was just typing what i was thinking XD my english is pretty good i can talk speak and understand almost everything (in english)

Cheers!, Six22 aka Rocky.

EDIT: btw i am not really a forum dude. so i wont be that active on forum i will look from time to time for updates on what going on at the server maybe twice a week or something. i for myself think that would be enough :)

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Haven't seen you yet at there tho'. Also, I don't know you. But why YOU should be applied? Tell us that. Good luck anyway. :D

Hi there!: ) well i think i should be an admin because i am verry active on the server. i think i am a verry reasonable person so if people do something stupid i think i could decide the best thing to do to that person. i think i know when to stand up as a leader/admin etc when people are arguing. plus i think im a verry decent surfer and i know alot of maps so if people need help or have qeustions i could always help them. i hope this answers your qeustion?


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Nice Application. Starting an admin application with 0 posts is not the best. Try to be active on the forums/IRC channel. Good Luck though.

i know its not a good first impression, thats why i hoped people from the server would recognize me. but in my opinion i think that being active in the server is more of importance. i am not a forum person but as i said i will be active enough to see whats going on with the server and the community around it. but if its neccesary i could be more active for the sake of the community of the surf server.

hope answered ur statement well enough.

if people have more qeustions i would be happy to answer them.


Hei , my name is Iulian , i wish you good luck.


Lol u remind me of my nephew when he was like 5 or so he couldn prenounce my name right and called me like that XD

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