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Gameserver: Mr. Green Day of Defeat Server

Age: 15 (18.08.1994)

Country of origin: Germany

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

Hi there!

My name is Emre, I'm 15 years old and I live in a small town which is called Hösbach. At the moment I visit the 9th Grade. In my off time I'm having a conversation with Chainsawman, playing the piano (But I'm shit on it) playing some computer games like Garrysmod/Zombie Survival, Tony Hawks or Day of Deafeat: Source or making crap Pizzas in Pizza Connection 2. But mostly Day of Defeat: Source at the moment. I am playing almost everyday on Mr.Green's DoD:S Server since it got released. Except Ywa, Mayco and Clavus there are no other Admins on the server who can protect the server from Hackers, Spammers.... Some guys think "Lol, the DoD:S server is ok, so I don't think that there are admins necessary". But thats wrong. Every Steamgame (Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike....) has their issues with Hackers, Spammers or exploiting noobs. When you sometimes check the Source Ban List you will see there are already some players who got banned due to hacking on the DoD:S server. For Example: I'm Assault and I'm trying to capture the First Axis. But suddenly a crazy guy is coming with 40 mphs out and shoots me with a "Heat" Seeking Rocketlauncher and. How ironic: A Heat-Seeking Rocketlauncher in the Second World War :blink: . Or you are in a big war and suddenly a kid is playing Pokerface backwards on Voicechat and annoying the other players. Sure, you can mute him at yourself but you don't have always time to do that. That makes me sick. So i decided to make an application so that I can solve the hacker/spammer/exploiting problem in the future when i get accepted.

Why i think i'm fit to be admin? Well:

• I'm always friendly to the other players and try to help them when they have problems e.g. with the "Game Play".

• Respecting the rules is the most important thing for me.

• I'm a neutral player. Everyone has the same rights.

• When I see someone needs help in IRC channel, then I'll try to be on the server as fastest i can.


I think thats all for now!

Cya soon,


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damn nice app Car ;)

uh i hope you get it this time.

so I think all here know him.

the last time

it got declinded because of irc right?

nah I think that changed now

kay to end this car

see you any


!Good Luck!

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