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Name Game


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1: I fucked

2: I killed

3: I'd do

4: I bit

5: I cleaned

6: I took a crap on

7: I ate

8: I kissed

9: I sat on

10: I choked on

11: I feel a certain connection between me and

12: I hate


1: A Zombie

2: Cake

3: My ass

4: Ywa

5: My Teacher

6: Obama

7: ClavusElite

8: A Tree

9: My Bed

10: Smugdog

11: A Dog

12: An elephant

13: A hot chick

14: A hooker

15: Pyro

16: Myself

17: A train

18: Everybody

19: A Spy

20: Botervloot

21: Hundred2

22: ERROR 401

23: Mr.Darkness

24: Mayco

25: EmRA

26: Axon

27: Rachel

28: Nobana

29: BlueYoshi97

30: Your Entire Family

31: Jigglypuff

First letter of your real name (can't think of anything better right now, sorry):

A: On a stick

B: While listening to Jazz

C: In a hot tub

D: Because I'm lifeless

E: Because that's my hobby

F: In Bed

G: On The Kitchen Floor

H: Because I have to pee real badly

I: Because I'm worth it

J: While tied on a train track

K: For $3.99

L: In my wildest dreams

M: In The PayLoad server

N: On The Moon

O: Because I talk to trees

P: Daily

Q: While peeing

R: In Hell

S: On the television

T: And we got all hot and wet

U: Cuz the admins told me too

V: Because your grandmother is a blast-ended skank.

W: And then I said "YEEHAW"

X: At the barber shop

Y: In the toilet

Z: In your room.

Then do the same with the date that you registered on Left4Green, but with the LAST letter of your name.

Heh, I know this one sucks, but I had no inspiration.


Birthday: I fucked a hot chick and we got all hot and wet.

Registration: I kissed a dog because I talk to trees.

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I don't understand registration, except the join date, but eh, real name? ERROR got two different "name" selections, so this is rather confusing.

Registration is join date,

and my brother has his burn, so he'll do it through there, so this is the actual error

I guess most people who were here when L4G were founded will get rather similar results then

Edited by Redgord
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I sat on a Dog in the PayLoad Server (Birthday)

I feel a certain connection between me and Obama on the television (Registration)

OFFTOPIC: Ok ... That's just ..Let's say your time has come again ..but I don't believe in coincidences. That's IMPOSSIBLE ! I demand to know how could you H@x04 Mr Green.. This is black trickery ! The work of the Devil..

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