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Admin Application: [DRuG]NikT


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May as well retract my request for admin...

I've found the admins here pretty damn up themselves, on the whole - I offer my help, and it's pretty much ignored, with the admins that do speak up just being negative, with little or no reason...

Tonight, one of the rare occasions I find the server with admins on, rather than 2 or 3 hackers (as is usually the case), Danni, an admin I've never met before, mutes me out of the blue after I make a random joke comment.. "ya mums a hippo" - not directed at anyone specific.. really just to lighten my mood/the mood of the server.

Instead, I get muted, then when I rejoin to request a warning in future after the mute was left on over 10 mins, I get warned next time it'll be a 12 hour ban for evading.. I respond "sheesh wat a biatch".. then get kicked for admin abuse.

This isn't admin abuse, the is misuse of admin and player abuse... and my response.. go fuck yourselves.. I won't be back, and I'll be spreading the word that left4green aint a nice place to be.

Oh, and expect the same.. err.. welcome in my servers.

I know nothing about MTA, nor do I know exactly from what happened, but from what I understand from this post, and Danni's is that you couldn't take a punishment which came as a result of your rule breaking, I think you misunderstood what was going on, when Danni said "next time it'll be a 12 hour ban for evading." that more advice than a warning, it was just your misinterpretation that triggered your response and resuled in you kicked, If You feel you want to leaveand say bad things about left4green because of that, I think you're childish and pathetic, be a man, deal with it, and let life carry on.


Also, what was his age? 32 XD? Dude, this guy is just a pathetic kid that tries to show as someone else than he is.

actually, he is 37 going on for 38, i kno this for a fact as ive met him and drank with him

from what ive seen of this, it was a misunderstanding of NikT's humor, which then resulted in this, his comment is never directed at anyone in a harsh way, it was meant as a joke.

no offence or anything, but this server could use with members like NikT apart from all the hackers that are on, was a surprise there was admin on tonight actually, as there never is any other time

im with NikT on this, i wont be coming back, i dont care if you delete my acc on here either, it dont bother me

I don't see why our server could use members like NiKt, he's not more special than any other player..

Too bad you leave because of him not being able to obey the rules.

Oh and there's always an admin on (90% of the time).. We're just on IRC.

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