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Bad Admin.


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Look I'm not going to waste alot of time and energy on this. I just got MTA:SA and started playing on the server. The -]alw[-Taint3d guy should not be an admin. All he does when I'm on is be as disruptive and rude as possible, but that can be tolerated as this is the internet. However, kicking for no apparent reason isn't cool. I just come to play and have fun for a couple hours. Why does this rogue admin have any admin rights at all? I can see that he came to this forum begging for admin rights and he doesn't deserve it. That's it.

-Edit: guess I should clarify that this is for the Mr. Green MTA:SA Race Server.

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Ok, I figured that might be an outcome. It was probably Juggernaut that did the kicking. I wish he'd have investigated the situation more. "Taint" constantly accuses people of hacking and tries to get everyone to believe him. This guy is nothing but trouble. He should be banned for all his constant banter and disruption, and lying about admin.


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