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The Highlander mode - Server?


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So there's this weird new "mode" Called Highlander. I heard about it like awhile ago, so I bet it's OLD.

But anyway, how about giving it a try? A server that is a highlander server.

Haven't even found one yet, so meh. It was just an idea, I'd be interested on it tho.


I bet that "No" Will be the most used comment :S.

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Altho, it has good sides and bad sides.

Well, good side is that every single class is having it's own job. There ain't 6 engineers or 6 heavies or 6 snipers camping.

The bad side is that if, let's say; Pyro player is rather not-so-skillful and doesn't want to give up the class to someone else, then it's meh.

But it sure does sound cool!

Great to hear that some people would like to test it out :).

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So what if It would stop at 18 player count? I hate 32 player servers. They're just retardedly messy. (no offence messy)

Can't we get more speace for other TF2 servers?

And yeah, one class, one person, one team.

But like I said, I hate 32 player servers. 24 is okay to me.

That's why I play mostly only arena /:.

It's cause I can't handle such giant amount of players, also it kills my fps.

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