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A lot of you probably know(from my continuous complaining) about my current fps lag problem that has recently appeared (maybe a month or so ago)

now i have a bigger problem - it seems gmod doesnt want to use CS:S stuff anymore D:

I have no idea why, i've never even played CS:S, though i do have it of course. But it just doesnt want to use it anymore.

Heres some screenshots to show what i mean

On Mr Green, my USP is invisible 0.o



Deathrun - Not good to get a migrain while trying to survive




Anyone have any advice/suggestions that could help me? :D

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good that you fixed it. :)

maybe you need a better comp. :mellow:

my comp was fine, even after it was completely wiped (many viruses)

gmod worked fine,even with a full server, there was no lag, until about december or around it.

i think there might have been a gmod update and it happened after the update, but i dont think it gets worse every update, just randomly every now and then

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