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I think the sucsess really lies in how many people are going to buy something from there. If we advertise this forum and group abit i think we could have a buisness here. but i would love to Chill out in a mr.green logo t-shirt:)

Plus have written some awesome things in dutch, or english!

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I think it's not really a good idea, even if you get your goodies, the shop won't run a long time because we are not a huge shop site with over 10000 people connected per day and many people won't know that there is a shop.Even if all L4G members buy something it won't run a long time, as I said.If you want to make shop you are forced to think on the long-term, you must have the means of course and you must be innovative.(the T-shirt thingy has been seen & reseen again and again, why not some geeky gadgets like a little Mr Green figure which can dance? XD )

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I think I would buy everything from the 'shop', seems awesome :]

It would've been awesome, but I don't think the shop would be running for long... If we're doing this, we should send the info to a factory, then make everyone who wants anything, send it to ywa/clavus and they will order that amount. This idea will never survive if its gonna be a 'shop' where you can just order, stuff gets alot cheaper when ordering bigger amounts

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