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question regarding ZS


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I want to ask, though they want to remove class berserkers, and which served as a reason to come to this decision, if this is true?? me as someone who played only for this class is interesting to consider why it is removed, because the hurt as much time to invest in this class is to pump it, and eventually, as a player on the server I'm staying with nothing, after removing ...

whether there will be some compensation to those who will have his pumped hero, I think I'm not one who is interested in this modest question))))

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And I has translateor.

I want to ask about berserker, I thought that they removed it, which served a reason to come to this decision, is this true? I have only played as berserker, and I am really mad that you guys removed it. Because I wasted so much time on it, and it went like all to hell, its your fault you damn assholes. Now I don't play anymore.

That's uh...Interesting.

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