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Why they lied?

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hi guys

I was playing mr.green race server, and poop called me a cheater, i said for him to prove that, then i called him a cheater,so SDK said am cheater ( wtf ), i didn't use cheats or mods, like handling, if i get handling i cannot connect to any server..

while playing, suddenly i disconnected from the server,

Banned by Juggernaut(nil)

what am using?

Windows : Vista Ultimate Edition X64 (6.0, Build 6002)

Processor: Intel® Core 2 CPU 4400 @ 2.00 GHz (2CPUs), ~2.0GHz

Memory: 4044GM Ram

DirectX Version: DirectX 11

Page File: 1111MB



Name: NIVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

Manufacturer: NIVIDIA

Chip Type: GeForce 9500 GT

DAC Type: Integrated RAMDAC

Approx. Total Memory: 1776 MB

Monitor: BenQ FP51G+


that is my Windows, and I just installed GTA SA and MTA, WinRar, real player, AdobeFlashplayer, MSN

my speed net: 12MB/Sec, use DSL not Modem

anything else you want to prove?

I hope from Juggernaut to unban me please


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wat, DX 11 and 9500 GT?

Theres an update for Vista which gives it DX11. But sure, the 9500 GT doesn't support DX11.

True, it says DX11 in Windows 7 or in Vista when you use a patch, but as long as you don't have an ATI 58XX series card, it won't work anyway.

But that's not the point here.

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I didn't say you were a cheater, I said you were going to fast (for MTA race).

[12:01:07] <MrGreenMTA> [3] x|TeRRoRiST|x: what cheat?

[12:01:11] <MrGreenMTA> [12] * awe joined the server. [30/32] [Thailand]

[12:01:12] <MrGreenMTA> [3] x|TeRRoRiST|x: me?

[12:01:14] <MrGreenMTA> [28] Genji_Takiya[CZ]: yes

[12:01:16] <MrGreenMTA> [3] x|TeRRoRiST|x: girl

[12:01:20] <SDK> !say terrorist, i saw it too, you're going to fast

[12:01:20] <MrGreenMTA> [iRC] SDK: terrorist, i saw it too, you're going to fast

[12:01:27] <MrGreenMTA> [3] x|TeRRoRiST|x: lol

[12:01:34] <MrGreenMTA> [14] * loxi joined the server. [31/32] [slovakia]

[12:01:46] <SDK> !say do you have dual/multi core processor

[12:01:46] <MrGreenMTA> [iRC] SDK: do you have dual/multi core processor

[12:01:47] <MrGreenMTA> [15] * plazma joined the server. [32/32] [Hungary]

[12:02:08] <MrGreenMTA> [3] x|TeRRoRiST|x: am using...

[12:02:14] <MrGreenMTA> [20] * Kosmo left the server. (Quit) [31/32]

[12:02:16] <MrGreenMTA> [13] * alternative:) left the server. (Quit) [30/32]

[12:02:22] <MrGreenMTA> [13] * Juggernaut joined the server. [31/32] [united States]

[12:02:36] <MrGreenMTA> [3] x|TeRRoRiST|x: Windows Vista ultimate, NiViDia Geforce 9800, Video card 1200

[12:03:00] <MrGreenMTA> [3] x|TeRRoRiST|x: i think you dont understand SDK

[12:03:17] <MrGreenMTA> [20] * [bOSS]Trunks joined the server. [32/32] [Portugal]

[12:03:38] <MrGreenMTA> [21] * Tuner_64 has been kicked from the game by Console. (Reason: Being away from keyboard) [31/32]

[12:03:48] <MrGreenMTA> [12] * awe has been kicked from the game by Console. (Reason: High FPS (37)) [30/32]

[12:03:50] <MrGreenMTA> [12] * [FMJ]Dlwp joined the server. [31/32] [Denmark]

[12:03:54] <MrGreenMTA> [12] * [FMJ]Dlwp left the server. (Quit) [30/32]

[12:04:04] <MrGreenMTA> [3] * x|TeRRoRiST|x has been banned from the game by Juggernaut. (Reason: nil) [29/32]

Anyway, I thought it might be the same bug as this guy had: http://forums.left4g.../3206-too-fast/

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