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Invent your Own Special Infected!


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The thought occured to me whislt playing on Dark Carnival today, bwosed over the topics here, didn't see anything similar so away I post!

Heres my Special Infected Idea



Description: Dressed in a circus uniform, representing a Fire Breather from a Circus

Attack: Shoots Short distance flames to ignite players, the flame can also be used to set fire to any Propane Tanks/Gas Cans/Oxygen Tanks Etc.

Upon Death: Once teh Flamer dies It'll explode form all the gas inside of it, this explosion, damages nearby players and will explode any destructables, nearby.

CoolDown time(VS) 10 Seconds


-Pretty unique in the sense that it burns players, which teh other infected can't do, with the exception of the spitter.

-A good way of finishing off those low health players.


-Very Similar to the spitter and the Boomer.

-Useless in alot of situations, Can't really do any major damage to survivors unless you stalked tehm from on a rooftop.

Feel free to give feedback/criticisms, and even suggest your own Infected.

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Name: Spiker

Description: Muscly, topless with a mohawk.

Purpose: Soak up damage

What it does: Essentially, when you shoot it, fleshy spikes emerge, kind of forming a protective layer. This means that you have to aim in different areas of the body to kill it. The back should be weaker to at least give the surviors a chance to over-whelm it.

HP: 300

Pros- Pretty hard to take down.

-Doesnt do the thing of in-capping a singular survivor (E.G, it can be stopped by yourself, but its tough)

-Will take a whole team to stop dead

Cons- could be quite over powered.

-shooting in different areas thing may be weak against machine guns

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Zombie Soldier (or something like 'The Trooper')-Edit

Description: Zombie wearing a gas mask with Kevlar armour vest. Arm showing with lots of wierd veins.

Purpose: The Kevlar makes its body completely bullet proof. The zombie can pick up and throw objects (such as bins) and severelly damage you (like a tank, sorta). The zombie can also fight on without any legs, but its arms are its weak point.

HP: 150

Pros- Will mix up gameplay.

- Will make survivors watch their accuracy.

Cons- Bullet proof idea similar to that of the Riot Cop zombies

- May not be enough props in the campainges to throw.

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Name: Birther (better name needed)

HP: 100 (weak)

in nuttshel: zombie which "births" normal zombies or some new invented zombies.

longer description: So this zombie can make zombies, which are in "statis" -> doing nothing (in egg?) until

1. Survivors shot near (like witch)

2. Birther die and explode like boomer or

3. Birther hit someone with claw.

zombies will start attacking "boomed" or marked survivor. Birther can birth 20 - 30 zombies(?) in one live.


-some more decoy/killer zombies


-weak and hard to use

maybe not best idea. but still i would love it

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Name - I am the wall!

Basically, a gigantic wall that has arms.

HP - 250000

Pros - Stops survivors from getting past at some vital areas, like small corridors, which leads them to need of to destroy this wall. If they get too close, it can melee for 5-10 damage with taking 3 seconds between swings.

Just for lulz.

Cons - Pretty useless at other stuff.

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Name - John

Zombie capable of fooling humans

HP - 10

Pros - Can become a "human" and fool the survivors being with their hip young zombie killing fetishes. Can betray humans at any time hitting them, does very little damage.

Cons - If you tickle it it dies (Implying it has very low hp :D)

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Description: Big naked guy, with a scaly skin, and spikes on his back.

Attack: When attacking, the survivor is stunned, and can't move fast, or look around as fast as normal, but can try and kill the creature.

Upon Death: The spikes loosen from its back, creating a blanket of spikes, hurting anyone who passes through it.

CoolDown time(VS) 3 seconds per attack, spikes are removed within 30-40 seconds.


- Lot's of health

- Supportive class

- Immune to fire


- Big target

- Doesn't have any other attacks; has to get up and personal

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Infected Squirrel


Description: Is an infected squirrel.

Attack: Can jump unto you. (like a hunter) Spit at you. (like a boomer) Clawing a survivor will simulate their eyes being clawed out and make them blind for the rest of the campaign. Is very fast and can climb on every surface.

Upon Death: Dies.

CoolDown time(VS) 9001 Hours.

Pros: Awesome.

Cons: None.

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Attack: Pitches his ideas at you until you agree.

Upon Death: Sacrifices a thousand dead memes.

CoolDown time(VS) 50 years

Pros: Can outmatch 'slap chop'

Cons: Vince looks like a scout, and billy mays looks like a slim-fast heavy.

DONT KILL ME :yay: :yay:

How about a zombie called gabe newell and when he says something everyone belives and when its time to for him to attack he delays it.

HAHAHAH... :rofl:

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Description: Dressed in a circus uniform, representing a Fire Breather from a Circus

Attack: Purposley throws molotovs at you, shoots you, refuses to take part against hordes and doesn't get on the rescue veichle.

Upon Death: Causes fanboys to QQ and rage the Steam Forums


- He dislikes francis and trolls him as much as possible


-He's dead.

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L33T 1337 Ubar zomba.

Hp: 1337

Height: 1337 metres

Weight: 1337 tones

Weapons: 1337 uber striking hands, 1337 uber striking legs.

Idea 2:

T3h Zombo ovar 9000

Hp: 9001

Height 9001 metres

Weight 9001 tones

Weapons: ITS OVER 9000!11!!!! (Big machine gun with 9001 bullets.

Cool? =D

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HP:God Mode

Description: Yoshi can do whatever he wants and has fun doing it.

Attack: Yoshi's are friendly, and you can't harm them anyway. But when you get it in a really really bad mood, it doesn't attack you but rather steals stuff from you quietly (that's what I do anyway).

Upon Death: They will live on the fun. And, God Mode, of course.

CoolDown time(VS) No need.


-Are intelligent

-Are cool

-Are fun

-Are friendly

-Are special.


-Humans are usually too dense to understand those things^.

Oh, and they aren't infected with anything, they are just Yoshis. But they are Special though.

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The Bleeder - Boss Zombie


Description: Big legs hunched back big arms. Sort of like a gorilla/dinosaur type thing haha.

Attack: It's got 3 attacks...

1:Is its "bleed" this is sort of a boomer attack but with less zombies and instead of vomit its blood...

2:It's charge attack, this is abit more controllerble than the chargers charge, Think of it more like the demoman from TF2. This can be used a lot and has a 5 second respawn.

3:Melee attack, This can also hit bins ect but not big things like cars.

The bleed attack can be used during gameplay or after this zombie is dead. When It dies it is automaticly activated. This is hard for the survivors as they wont have much time to heal ect.


-Can take out a whole team if used correctly.

-Having to rush in unlike the tank as the tank can sit back and throw rocks/cars.


-Boomer is not a playerble class if the boss zombie is the bleeder.

-If used charge on a rooftop can be pointless

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