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Karma,Bans,Rdm,Self defence, admin abuse...ect.

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Ok so this afternoon i saw some people doing some RDM's and blaming it on other peeps, and thier karma isnt going down? Wtf. I can list a couple people who HAVe rdmed or I have SEEN rdm people, and admins dont do a thing about it becouse they need proof, well, when i tell the amins what the rdmer is doing, they dont do crap about it or dotn even go to spect mode when they die to figure out if they are, Cept for Vektor. Then the rdmers CONTINUE to rdm and the admins kick or ban the wrong person, or just simply kick the rdmer..which doesnt do anythign becouse they can rejoin. Or the RDMER avoids the admins and rdm's the others and then go after the admins. |Anyways, this after noon, i was banned becouse of my karma..becouse so many people were trying to RDM me and i killed them in self defence, which results in karma loss.|

And about the admins, iv seen WEEGEE kill people and walk off once when he was innocent, iv seen ZACH almost always !slay the people who killed him,not knowing fully if they r a traitor or not. And also, some rdmers iv seen are MCCAIN,BIG LIPS,FPSP,MC ROCK, that have killed me A LOT of times wehn they were innocent, they they run off like nothing happened. I may have no proof of their RDM, but spect them and im sure you'll see them RDM some peeps. And also, make sure you KNOW that the person you make an admin will not abuse..cuz WTFOMFGBBQ!?! And i love how Chief Tiger shot me in the head for no reason this afternoon too, (says he was innocent). Thats all i have to say...

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I think he's from a RP server

RDM = Random Death Match (Suddenly killing people without a RP reason)

Short story : He gets Random Death matched in a RP server, he defends himself.

But some karma system that protects against RDM bans him because he kills his attackers.


Wrong forum dude.

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