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I usually don't do "I'm new" posts but since this community seems pretty close knit, what the hell. I'm TinyDancer - you may have seen me on the server. I usually don't go by TinyDancer in games, but that's not really important. I'm 18, and I go to university in the USA. I used to mostly play SA-MP, where I was an admin for Protect the Prime Minister for a long time. I would play MTA on and off, but I never really stuck to it until PTPM died. Now I play it too much for a college student, but oh well. Sometimes I suck at it, sometimes I don't. I used to play zombie panic a bit, so I might have played on the l4g server there. Other than wasting my life away in front of the computer, I play music, make movies, do dumb artsy stuff, and get into trouble with my friends. That's about it.

I really don't know what else to say. If you have any questions, then shoot. Other than that, hello.

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Haha. I think Retard is a good nick. I find that people in games who name themselves [FnZ][*dOO]oWnAgEfRaGz400{DTK}~~ tend to suck, and people named stuff like "Steve" or "Bunny" or something like that are really fucking good.

I chose TinyDancer when I was playing Zombie Master at a friend's house. My nick used to be Catshit or Catshit Chris nearly all of the time. I decided to have a change of pace and changed it to the first thing I could think of. I thought of TinyDancer because its not a very complimentary nick for a dude (unless you're gay for Elton John, I guess). It just seemed funny and ironic or something. I was also thinking of this Scrubs clip:

So yeah. Not very exciting.

Anyway I have to do some last minute studying for a last minute final, then it will be SPRING BREAK!

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