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R.I.P Lil Egghead

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This was on zs_the_seige about 2 hours ago and this Combine dude fell in a trap for an entire round. After a while I found him defenseless with a crappy pistol. I protected him as humans started to die. I gave him an mp5 and healed him whenever I could. I could remember his name so I called him Lil Egghead. After there were just 5 humans left I had to abandon him since there where poison zombies rushing towards me. 'BE BRAVE EGGHEAD' I ran towards the supply crates while I heared the sound of a combine dying. I got an autoshotty and avenged him but died near where he died... RIP LIL EGGHEAD :o:rip:

Lil egghead.bmp

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