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New Maps, more maps for us

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again, i'm making one BUT!! the problem with my maps are: textures doesn't fit with eachother that means its ugly ( a bit) , then the second, it isn't very natural. i rlly need some help with making it more natural and a better looking.

i am learning very much about making maps but still it isn't easy for me to make a cart moving (its a payload).

further the doors in other maps like: mission begins in 30 seconds ''some seconds later'' 3...2....1 THEN the doors open.

very difficult

help is welcome

@ my maps are nothing if you look at the maps on http://www.fpsbanana.com/mapcats/3440

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Never been a fan of D/Ling TF2 maps, Kinda puts me off, and probably puts of alot of oter people. PL already has a good set of maps for the few that there are.

People also need to rembmer that a reason for the small amount of PL maps is that some of the maps are actually split into 3/4 parts. Adding up for the lack of choices

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Custom maps makes it more fun. I have already posted my 'Custom Map Friday' idea one million times, where every friday evening custom maps are played on the server and people can say if they like it.

Anyway, when PipeLine gets back in the server, I'm happy.

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