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Well here is the first images of another map I am working on. Its barely in its beta stage so theres still loads of work to be done with it I just want to show you the map and see what you think, ig you have any suggestions for it pls ask me.

Things to be done:








More detailing


If you want to have a better look at it let me know and I will post the map on this









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I vote it gets turned into a space station, there are no zombie space station maps :<

heh i cant say i havnt thought of that idea already its that what about stars, space background and other stuff related to space that i dont know how to make etc

What the guys say: BeatAlex wins, more closed rooms and what is the whole background story to it?

Looks cool already though.

what do you mean by background? skybox? or...?

Is it in water or just floating in the air? I think you should add more closed rooms to the maps, because like that you are on a shooting range when your a zombie.

i havnt fully decided what im going to do with the floor/ground/bottom/air thingy yet but i think it will be in the sky with metal supports and very high that if you touch the floor you will die.. somthing like 'zs_clav_massive'

Oh and as I said its barely in its beta stages and i do realise its very opened spaced and will continue working on that to solve the problem.

Looks like floating metal to me, it's still WIP though.

that stands for Work in progress right?

The fog will be worked on as well.. if any ideas for what colour the fog would be and if more specific that would be nice eg 225 225 255 was it?

I had this map thing in my mind for quite a while and as it suggests you get ambushed by zombies which would of been cool if they spawned in a higher area like a tower where humans cant get to or a bridge and just fall down wherever they want making it an unsuspecting surprise but since the random spawn of zombies ( btw which i think makes it slightly for balanced ) it would realy work but will add it for other zs servers that fallow the z spawns

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with all the open areas it will be an easy human win everytime and it looks a little small. might just be the pictures though. anyway apart from that it looks good and cant wait to see it finished.

dont worry i will fix the open areas either with fog, lighting or walls
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Well here are some more screenshots of a newer version, there is no light on it so idk what happened there as well as the weird water but I will fix those, was trying out somthing.

I added the supports and working on the walls of the catwalks to discourage camping zombies from long ranges and still working with the Fog and Clipping plane if thats what it is called...











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I think it's a little too open and empty. Add props and a lower level?

its still in a very early stage of the map i will add lower and probably upper levels later and im working on the open space catwalks as u can see in the first catwalk pictures and secound pictures

Its beginning to get a form. :D i cant wait to play it. :)

good to know :D

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i will still make changes to things but for now i just want to finish off the base of the map and then will have a better look at the textures.

Clavus so your saying i should remove the clipping right? and i am still looking for a better skybox and then i will match the fog with it

Ok here are some more pictures of my progress. Normaly people wont show everything of the map until it releases like Stelk but after the siege problem i want to make sure i make the steps correctly

Clavus any suggestions for fog colour for the current skybox?





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I done care about the bugs, theres no feeling that this is another HL2 maps with its urban sprays, similar doors, dusky walls etc. Theres something new, like new atmosphere (is it possible to get better walls lol?)

which type of walls are you talking about? catwalk walls or the base walls?
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