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Server Changes

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I agree with TicToc. The new vote system is ok for me, but as TicToc said: Deathmatches are back on, some maps dont have respawn.

There are a lots of DD/DM only server. If somebody wants to play dd or dm, he will join there.

Delete at least one if you want to keep them. If i remember right the map name is Other Planet. When somebody dies you hear a very loud scream. Really annoying. The other opportunity that somebody finds it out who made that map. And I knock the shit out of him.

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I prefer the random nature of the maps, much more entertaining, then every map gets a workthrough. Also, with no respawn on a lot of maps, deathmatches that take 20 minutes, people are going to quit. I know that i wont sit here and watch idiots on a deathmatch drive around and hit NOTHING!

Change it back please!


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